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Winter Itch Information

Winter itch affects men and women of all ages.
People in Miami or Southern California are probably not going to be reading this website, because winter itch is not a problem there. In colder, drier parts of the world, winter itch can be an agonizing problem for months on end. The intention here is to provide the information you need to prevent, treat and cure winter itch.

Winter itch is a persistent or intermittent itching of dry skin, often accompanied by scaling. It occurs when the moisture level in the skin drops. Advancing age of the patient can increase the severity of the symptoms.

Some treatments are effective against winter itch, but others can actually make it worse. Remedies tried in some areas, like whale blubber in far-northern coastal areas, are unlikely to be adopted by people in more southerly locations.

The list of topics on the left side of this page will help you make an accurate diagnosis to determine  if you have winter itch, what might be causing it, and your best treatment and cure options.

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